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Just be sure you actually talk about your desires first. Cucumber Getty Is your mind in the gutter yet? Good—now you see that a cucumber was pretty much created to double as a dildo. Here too, just be sure to wrap it with non-microwavable saran wrap first in order to protect yourself from getting a bacterial infection, McGuire says. Pillows, as well as towels, can also be great co-masturbation tools, says McGuire, who encourages everyone to think outside of the penetrative sex box.

Perfect homemade sex toy for men

10 Homemade Sex Toys To Take Your Pleasure To The Next Level | Women's Health

We're going to tell you the top seven most creative and homemade ways to jerk off. These will include the best manual techniques, as well as homemade devices. Before we get to the top tips on how to masturbate, here are a few tips on what not to do. Don't bother with trying to bone jello or fruit like melons and shit like that. They just don't work and are a complete waste of your precious time.

10 Homemade Sex Toys That Will Take Your Pleasure To The Next Level

Issue Fear not, because it's easy to make your own sex toys from everyday household items. By Herp Derpski Let's face it - sex toys are overpriced.
Or that video telling you all about using a butt plug to get some amazing prostate orgasms. You go scrambling around the house, looking for anything roughly penis shaped that you could put into your body. Will that do? Will it be safe? Will it get lost?
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