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Gay picture sport water

Environment 10 animal species that show how being gay is natural Same-sex pairing is not just normal in the animal kingdom - it's even common. Studies suggest that about 1, animal species are known to practice same-sex coupling - from insects, to fish, birds and mammals. Necking giraffes Among giraffes, there's more same-sex than opposite-sex activity. In fact, studies say gay sex accounts for more than 90 percent of all observed sexual activity in giraffes. And they don't just get straight to business.
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Petersburg, Russia. But organisers said at least a quarter of all pictures reaching the penultimate round of the 58th edition of the contest were rejected because they were digitally enhanced, the organisers said. Danish photographer Mads Nissen shot his evocative winning picture of "Jon and Alex" in a bare room in Saint Petersburg, with only a brown curtain as a backdrop. One of the men is lying down with his eyes closed as the other looks down at him tenderly, their hands locked together. Russia's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community has come under increasing attacks in Russia, with the government earlier this year passing a controversial law banning transvestites and transsexuals from driving.
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Water cannon used to disperse Istanbul gay pride parade Reports say police took action against crowd when demonstrators began shouting slogans criticising Turkey's president. The police appeared intent on stopping the crowd gathering near Taksim Square on Sunday, a cameraman for the Reuters news agency reported. Al Jazeera's Serpil Karacan, reporting from Istanbul, said opposition members of parliament formed a human chain to block the riot police. Images and videos posted on social media showed several people carrying gay pride flags running away while being fired upon by a water cannon mounted on an armoured police vehicle.
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