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You might know the eye infection conjunctivitis pronounced: kun-junk-tih-VY-tus as pinkeye. It's common in young kids because it's usually contagious and tends to sweep through preschools and playgrounds. But even teens and adults can get pinkeye. The good news is that pinkeye is a minor infection and although it might look bad, it's not usually serious. What Causes Pinkeye? Pinkeye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the white part of the eye and the inner eyelids.
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Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) (for Teens) - KidsHealth

Here are several major vision concerns teenagers and their parents should be aware of: Digital Eye Strain Many teenagers get a lot of screen time relaxing with their phones, tablets, and TVs. However, too much time in front of a screen can have troublesome short-term effects on your eyes. Extended time staring at screens strains the eye muscles. There are two straightforward solutions for dealing with digital eye strain. To the extent possible, teens and adults should limit their screen time. Second, you can purchase blue-light lenses that prevent the most irritating hues from reaching your retinas. The delicate cells of our retinas can be damaged by UV rays, leading to vision loss or even cancer.
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Alcohol eye drops, snorting condoms: Dangerous trends teens are trying

Here are some of the main physical and behavioral signs of drug use in teens. With a section for your questions at the end. Indications of drug use Teenagers are in a phase of life that normally incorporates mood swings, isolation, secretiveness, changes in behavior, etc. However, as adults, we have to keep an eye out for our kids.
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And as time passed, we experimented with a thing or two, be it high-shine lip gloss or an intense eyeliner look thanks to Avril Lavigne. A part of being a teenage girl involves the need to try everything with an extra dose of enthusiasm. At this point in your lives, trying a new haircut or a new makeup product becomes all the more fascinating. I get it, girls — been there, done that. Read on to find out all about makeup for teens.
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